Coldwell Banker C&C Properties is a specialist in the categories of Redding short sales. One of our trained real estate professionals will be glad to assist you in these areas, whether you are a seller in distress, or an interested buyer looking to purchase a Redding short sale.

Defined simply, a short sale is a situation in which a seller's mortgage lender agrees to accept an amount that is less than the balance due on the loan; "selling short," in other words. A homeowner might need to engage in a short sale due to any number of factors, including the loss of a job or a declining home value.

Should you feel that your home falls into the Redding short sale category, you should consult a real estate attorney and/or a tax consultant to determine your individual options, prior to placing you home on the market.

We at Coldwell Banker C&C Properties have helped many buyers and sellers with Redding short sales, and we will continue to do so, now and in the future. Contact us today!